TBA Challenges

Help us raise money

TransBareAll is raising funds to increase access on our retreats: subsidising Personal Assistant places for people who need them, low income participant access, travel, and some handheld microphones to make our hearing loop system even better.


Are you up for a challenge?

Would you like to challenge yourself and get your friends and family to sponsor you?

How can you take part?

What if you swam the length of the channel in 12 weeks, in stages, in your local pool?
Or went vegan for a month?

What if you did a day of silence (or more!), shaved your head, gave up sugar for a month or wrote a 31-part fantasy saga in 100 words a day? What would really challenge you, and inspire people to sponsor you? What interests and excites you?

We want to make the period between October and December the time to accept a challenge and raise much needed funds for TBA while doing something brave, silly, weird, creative, beautiful, hard or worthwhile. Something that will push you outside your comfort zone. Let’s do it together.

Email us for more info or to sign up - challenges@transbareall.co.uk.

How you can you help?

Check here for more info coming soon on how to sponsor people.


Check in to see how our challengees are getting on with their challenge.

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