Non Monogamy

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21st - 23rd February 2020
Hathersage, Derbyshire
All genders (cis people welcome with partners)
Bookings go live at: 
7pm on Tuesday 31st December at 12pm. 


Bookings are live! To book click here:

The Non-Monogamy retreat will explore the multi-faceted world of romantic and sexual relationship structures that exists outside the more common ‘two-person and closed’ monogamous couple structure.

Like all TBA retreats, this weekend will be rooted in the TBA principles of body positivity, sex and intimacy, and emotional well-being. It is open to trans and non binary people (including assigned-male-at-birth trans feminine and nb people), and you are welcome to bring your cis partners if applicable, though of course they will need to book on individually. We very much welcome assigned-male-at-birth (amab) trans feminine and nb people but want to acknowledge that none of us on the team are amab and so do not have that lived experience. 

We positively welcome people of colour (PoC) to our events.

Accessibility and Travel Info:

The venue is St Michael’s Centre in Hathersage, S32 1BB. It is about 10 minutes walk (if that) from Hathersage train station. There are also buses which run from Sheffield.

The cost of the retreat includes all meals and accommodation. The accommodation consists of dorm-type rooms of various sizes. The venue is fully wheelchair accessible with assist bars in the accessible bathroom. We have our own hearing loop which we will bring if it’s needed. We will ask you about any other access needs, including dietary requirements at the point of registration. Please ensure that you include details about allergies and other dietary requirements.

Please let us know in advance if you plan to bring a PA with you – this includes interpreters. We will be able to accommodate PAs. We also want to acknowledge that, depending on what type of relationship you have with your PA, there may be times when you want privacy to discuss and explore certain things without having them present. Let us know if this is something you might need, so that we can make provision for your PA to step out at certain times and give you privacy without it being a big deal. All of this will be confidential.


The cost of the retreat includes all meals and accommodation.

Standard wage: £130

Low wage: £100

Unwaged: £75

Working as a PA and also participating: £55

Working as a PA only: £0

Bookings are live! 

To book click here:

If you have any difficulties meeting these costs please do let us know and we can discuss payment options with you. We do not want anyone to miss out due to financial difficulties.


We are committed to offering support where available specifically for trans people of colour who wish to attend. Please get in touch to talk with us more about this.