Frequently Asked Questions

We try to get back to people as quickly as possible, but we are run entirely by volunteers and may not always be as prompt as you'd like. We aim to respond to emails within 5 working days.

General (2)

We currently have the TBA Team that put on events and is responsible for the general running of the organisation. New team members are invited by the current team and selection is based on a number of different criteria to fill gaps in need for the team. There are many other ways to get involved. Occasionally we will be running projects and may put a call out for volunteers, we have You Are Loved and will be revamping that in the future. You can help boost our news and information on social media, we’re on Facebook and Twitter, and you can help us out financially, by donating money or encouraging others to do so. Check out our annual fundraiser - TBA Challenges.

Yes, please do. We are not a funded organisation, and are run by volunteers. We rely on fundraising and payment for events to cover our costs. You can donate a one off amount or even set up a monthly standing order. All donations received will go directly towards reduced cost spaces for those who are in need of them and not towards core costs. If you are interested in donating, then contact us for more information, or check out the link to the right hand side of each page on the website.

We like to think so! For each event we have an access checklist that we use. This covers some standard things such as a couple of private rooms, a quiet room, single beds available, accessible rooms, accessible toilet and shower, lighting, noise levels etc. We also have a infrared hearing system that can be used by people with and without hearing aids.

If you feel that you’d like to talk to us about any access needs you have, then please do and we can work out if there is anything more that needs to be done to ensure you’re able to come along, feel part of the group and enjoy yourself.

Yes. As a standard we cater for vegetarian, vegan, dairy free, gluten free diets. In the past we have catered for a wide range of different needs outside of these and are very happy to chat to you about what you can and can’t eat. As long as you let us know at least 2 weeks before an event, then we can make sure there is suitable food available for you to eat.

Usually, yes. At most events we run, the accommodation is shared dorms. Often the beds are bunk beds, but there will always be a few single beds available for those who need them. Dorms will vary in size between 2 bed to 10 bed dorms depending on the venue. At some events we can also offer a camping option.

We try to arrange our venues to be as close to public transport as possible. Where we are more than a 15 minute walk away, we can give information for local taxi companies. Before each event we set up a Facebook closed event page, so that people can organise car shares and lifts too. We may be able to offer lifts too. We won’t leave anyone behind and will work with you to make sure you can get to the venue.

No. We make sure that approximately half the spaces available at an event are only open to people who have never been before. This allows more new people to come along and experience TBA and means that there won’t be just one or two people who might feel alone or don’t know what to expect.

Yes you are. We do not stop people bringing alcohol along. We will all have agreed to ground rules and naked etiquette at the beginning of the event and we have our code of conduct. We expect people to be responsible for themselves, respect each other, the venue and the local area and being too drunk is not an excuse to break those.

Different retreats will be aimed at different people, so please check the descriptions for each one. As our statement on Language and Inclusion states, we believe in self definition and self selection. If you identify as trans or have a trans history, then you are very welcome. We would hate to define exactly what trans means and who does or doesn’t fit into that definition.

It depends on the event. Some are open to anyone, whereas others are restricted on who can come along and we describe who the event is for on the publication for it. If the event is trans only, then we're afraid not. We know people may be nervous before coming along, but you won’t be the only one, (of course knowing that doesn’t necessarily help). We set up a closed Facebook event for people to start to chat and get to know each other before the event, so if you're on Facebook then you’ll be able to access that. If you’re nervous and there is anything that we can do to help, then please email us.

Yes it is fine. If you need to bring someone along with you as an access need, whether they are trans or cis, then please do. When you book you can choose a couple of options - reduced rate for someone who is a PA and who wants to take part and a free space for a PA who is not taking part in the event. We do have events or spaces that are trans only or you may want to be able to take part in something without your PA present. If you’re concerned about any of these issues, please contact us so that we can help support you in the best way possible. For example, depending on your needs, we may be able to adapt facilitated workshops so that you won’t need a PA present.

By personal assistant, we mean someone who may assist you with a variety of different tasks, such as personal, social, practical and/or specialist support and can also include interpreters. This will vary from person to person.

Bookings (4)

Whichever one you feel is affordable to you. We give a rough guide to help you work out which band you might fit into but we realise that people's income and spare cash is very individual.

Yes. If you'd like to come along but can't afford the payment all in one go, then please talk to us about making a payment plan. This can be individual to suit your finances and we’re happy for you to tell us what works best for you.

We might be able to help out with costs, as we have sponsorship and donations to help people access TBA. We would hate for people to miss out just because they don't have the finances, so please get in touch and let us know how we can help.

We are aware that TBA is a very special space for people and we want to ensure that as many of you as possible are able to access that space, as well as allowing new people to come along and experience TBA. On any retreat we have approximately half the spaces allocated for new people. TBA is very popular and books up extremely quickly, (often within a couple of hours of bookings opening). In the past we've been able to offer spaces based on a first come, first served basis as the numbers have been fairly even, but as TBA grows this might not always be the case. If we are oversubscribed, then priority will go to those who haven't been before, and then to those who haven't been in a while. We count those who have only been to a summer party as first timers for a retreat.

Our retreats all have different themes and the content may vary, but there is often a mix of facilitated workshops, space to be creative and lots of time to relax and be sociable or just soak up the atmosphere. Most of our retreats are based in rural settings and people often take the opportunity to walk or just admire the countryside. We gather on Friday afternoon/early evening and after dinner will take an hour or so to introduce the TBA Team, the programme for the weekend and each other and to put together agreed Ground Rules and Naked Etiquette so that people feel safer and more able to take part in the weekend. On the Sunday, we tend to finish around midday and try to organise a lunch together in a local pub or cafe so we can all go back out into the real world together before heading home.

Absolutely not! We offer the opportunity for people to experience being naked if they want to be, or to experience being in a room with people who are naked or partially naked. There is no expectation or need for you to take off (or do) anything you don’t want to.

If you feel able to then yes please. We all help to create the space and need volunteers for lots of things. This can include, (but isn’t limited to) more physical activities such as clearing up, cooking, cleaning or more support tasks like including people in conversations or letting the TBA know if we need more food or if someone needs support. Sometimes people may not feel able to help out due to their emotional or physical wellbeing, but if you see something that needs doing and feel able to, then we hope people will be able to get on with it, or at least let the TBA Team know.

This may vary from event to event and we will let you know via the Welcome Letter that is sent out about 3-4 weeks before the event, but here are some things that are fairly regular:

  • Towels (one for drying and one for sitting on with naked bottoms)
  • Slippers or indoor shoes
  • Flipflops for the shower
  • Musical instruments
  • Books/items/articles or anything else you might want to share with others

This means that we have a positive attitude towards all explicitly consensual sex, (including those who may be in the same space but not actively participating) and with a non judgemental approach to sexuality in all it’s diversity, whilst also recognising that not everyone is sexual or particularly interested in sex.