August 2009 - Bodies & Sex (Nr Chesterfield)

Our first ever event took place in a National Trust Bunkhouse near Chesterfield with a gathering of 20 trans men. Everyone was really nervous as we didn’t know what to expect. The topic for this weekend was quite broad exploring our trans bodies and sex. We had four workshops on the Saturday and began by talking about sex and being trans - what we had experienced, how we felt about sex, negotiating sex and what works and why etc. This was the birth of our Anonymous Q&A session. Next we Dissected the Trans Body and explored topics such as what transition meant to us, exploring medical and non medical transition and the importance, pros and cons of surgery. The final workshops explored touch through simple massage techniques and seeing our bodies through other people’s eyes, using photography and then discussion around what we saw and how we felt. The retreat was a resounding success and everyone went away with lots to think about. There was laughter, sharing, information and lots of food.