July 2010 - Sex (Nr Chesterfield)

The following year we returned to the Bunkhouse for our second retreat. (One a year, those were the days)! This time we decided to narrow down our focus and gave people the opportunity to explore our feelings and experiences around sex. Again, we delivered 4 workshops with the first session exploring what does sex mean and what can it involve, what did we know and then thinking about what our own desires might be and what our limits are. Having the opportunity to think about these things before getting into an actual situation where we might not have the space to. This set us up nicely for our workshop on negotiation, which was our creative session where people discussed further, in small groups, what they wanted and how they would negotiate that etc. This then became the basis for some roleplay to show a situation and examples of how to negotiate what we wanted and to learn from each other. Between the two sessions was a lighthearted space to pass round and discuss sex toys and what worked for us and what didn’t. Again, we offered the opportunity to explore touch through a head and shoulders massage or to relax with some meditation.