July 2012 - The Sex one (Hathersage)

Returning to the topic of sex, we decided to explore some more themes in this area. We opened up the discussion with a look at why we have sex, do we want sex and if so, what sort of sex etc, so people could really think about their motivations for this. We then went on to discuss how we could ensure we were having safer sex and what this meant, especially considering things outside of just the usual ‘if you don’t use protection, you’re at risk of x’ etc, but thinking more about negotiation, consent and desires as well. We then went on to explore what made us feel sexy and asked participants to bring an item that made them feel sexy and discuss that in groups. The aim was to then act out a scenario that included all the props. The weekend ended with giving and/or receiving a head and shoulders massage, as touch is so important to human beings.