November 2012 - Trans and Cis Men (Hathersage)

This was our first retreat that had a mix of both trans and cis people attending and was aimed towards gay/bi/queer men. We invited in a guest facilitator - Will Nutland to help run the retreat. We were unsure what the space would be like with a mix attending, but found it was just like any other retreat we’d run before. We set up this retreat as we’d been hearing from a number of trans men who wanted to meet cisgender guys but who worried about how to approach cisgender scenes, or who were nervous about how they would be received as trans men. Likewise, many cisgender QGB men wanted to know more about trans men but were worried that they would say something ‘wrong’ or not be welcomed in trans led spaces. The retreat gave us all the opportunity to start discussing some of the issues and to feel more comfortable around each other.