February 2015 - Visibility and Acceptance (Hathersage)

Trans masculine people have been invisible for many decades, but are now starting to get recognition as existing. It’s great that we’re starting to be seen and recognised, but some of the ways this is happening can be very damaging to us as individuals and to our community. The Gay Star News article ’11 Insanely Hot Men you will not believe are trans’ is one of those and is what prompted this retreat. The list is made up of 11 trans guys who appear to be mainly white and non-disabled, sadly reflecting most mainstream media, but we know that our community is made up of all sorts of different people of all ages, backgrounds, cultures, abilities and body types. This article goes into the impact this type of visibility can have.

The basis of the retreat was to look at self-acceptance and visibility and what it meant to us as individuals and to the trans masculine community as a whole. We had great fun and got really creative at this one making our own alternative offering showing our pride, visibility and diversity, which included drawings, photos, writings, spoken word and songs.