July 2016 - Summer Party (Nr Matlock, Derbyshire)

A return to our summer party and we welcomed lots of new faces to TBA, with another great line up of activities, discussions and workshops to explore. Some people spent the time relaxing and catching up, whereas others went from workshop to workshop. Another picnic, this time with the theme of books, so we saw lots of fantastic costumes and another chance to dress up in our grooming parlour, with the addition of haircuts this year. Then of course there was naked karaoke. We thought we’d try something different and moved away from the cabaret. It was intended to be regular karaoke, but of course, it was TBA, so a number of people found that their clothes had fallen off, (some for the first time in a more public setting), and that it seemed to really enhance the experience. We had more time round the fire and people shared readings and stories and we revisited the cake overload of previous years.