November 2016 - Creativity (Birmingham)

Art and creativity are sometimes held up as rarefied things that can only be practiced by the chosen few, but we don’t believe that. Artistic techniques can be learned, and creativity is a state of living, thinking and feeling. Creativity is what happens when possibility meets imagination, and when we tell our critical inner voice to go and sit (quietly, please) in the corner. Creativity is life: dancing, drawing, painting, cooking, singing, dressing (and undressing!), writing, building and storytelling.This retreat focused on letting the creative spirit out, making collaborative comics together. There was no need to know how to draw, or write a story, or make a book – the weekend was structured and guided by a professional artist who took us all through the process, and made sure that everyone could take part in the way they wanted to. It was a really informal, creative and fun TBA.