February 2017 - Boundaries, Touch and Feeling (Hathersage)

One of the first things we learn as babies is about boundaries – where do I stop, and where does another person begin? What are the edges, the boundaries, of me?

We have physical boundaries (our skin – our biggest organ!) and emotional boundaries, boundaries in different kinds of relationships and in different situations. Our mental and emotional boundaries can change, and we can decide to explore them with trusted people. We humans are also group creatures – positive touch is central to early development, and is something that can help protect our health throughout our lives. Touch can be bonding, stress-releasing, comforting, soothing, reassuring, supporting, healing – and so many more things.

To begin this year we came back to a familiar venue in Hathersage, Derbyshire and decided to tackle the topics of boundaries and touch. As usual, we were booked up really quickly, but this time we had to manage bookings closely to ensure that we had our ratio of new people coming along. It's great to see our 'family' growing. 

It was a space that, while sex-positive like all our retreats, was not sex-focused. We started the workshops by discussing what boundaries were, how having them or not having them affected us and how to start putting personal boundaries in place. We explored non-sexual touch, with a strong focus on consent in each moment with a workshop on TBA Challenges around touch and a space to give and/or recieve a neck, shoulder and head massage.