TBA Party 2018 Session Proposal Form

Would you like to lead a space at the next TBA Party? This could be your opportunity to share some knowledge or create a space for discussion on a topic you're passionate about. Our Party workshops and activities are led by participants rather than the TBA team. Could that be you? 

We've had some amazing topics in the past and welcome back previous facilitators as well as inviting new people to take this opportunity. We aim to provide you with any support you need in order to create a successful space at the party and will be happy to chat with you about your idea and any questions you may have. At the party we try to offer a mix of activities and you can see a list of previous sessions to give you an idea of the range of possibilities.  

Unfortunately as a not-for-profit organisation we are not in a position to offer payment or expenses to those giving workshops, however, we aim to cover reasonable costs of resources needed. If you're interested in offering something for the next TBA Party, please fill out the Session Proposal Form. 

Think about the following; how many people the workshop is for, the length of the workshop, how you might include access needs of participants, wellbeing of participants, resources you may need and any other health and safety considerations.

Make sure you've booked your place at the party as we have limited spaces available.

Please note that we will use the details from this form in the party programme, unless you state otherwise.

If you have any questions, please email us: contact@transbareall.co.uk

Proposal deadline is 5pm on 27th September 2018. We will inform you of our final selection by 10th October 2018.

Thank you for submitting your activity proposal. 

Previous Session Examples

Chest Surgery Presentation

Naked Beast Readings

Sex and Disability Discussion

Art Therapy

Touch and Consent

Afternoon Hike

Yoga for Everyone

Knit and Natter

People of Colour Discussion Space


TBA Forfeits

Campfire Readings

For example: Presentation, facilitated discussion, activity, interactive workshop
(e.g. anyone, or aimed at a particular skill level or limited to people with a certain identity/experience)
Please tell us a bit about how you will make sure people taking part in your session or activity will be kept safe, if appropriate. This might be looking after their physical and emotional health. Creating safer spaces for people to participate is a core value of TBA. If you want to discuss this or if you have any questions, please email us - contact@transbareall.co.uk
(Average session length is 90 mins, but some activities may fall outside of this - let us know so that we can give you enough time)
Do you have a preference for when the session takes place? (e.g. Saturday or Sunday? Morning, afternoon or evening? No preference?) We will try to accommodate this as far as possible.