Privacy Policy

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We are a trans led, voluntary organisation that works with trans people to explore feelings and decisions around bodies, sexual health and intimacy.

This is the privacy policy for TransBareAll (TBA) and explains how we collect and use personal information, how we keep it private and secure.

We only collect the personal information you give us on the booking form for any of our events. On these forms, we ask for:

  • your name;
  • your contact details (e-mail address, telephone number and nearest town/city)
  • any access issues.

If you give us your personal information in this way we use that information to contact you/send you details of the event and clarify any access issues. We will delete all personal information after the event, except for your name and nearest town/city to help us monitor the levels of uptake.

We also collect sensitive information in the form of equality monitoring information (this is entirely optional), to include the following;

  • age;
  • ethnicity;
  • health.

If you choose to give us your sensitive information in this way, we keep this after the life of the event and use it to help us ensure the retreats are reflecting the diversity of our trans community.

If you contact us via social media, e.g. by indicating attendance at a camp/gathering or posting a message on our Facebook page, or posting a message on Twitter, we may contact you using social media. We do not collect any information about criminal convictions and offences.

Our booking forms for events/gatherings do ask for information on any access requirements which may be due to a health issue or disability but this information is not stored by us beyond the life of any particular event. We only store information on whether you have stated yes or no to the question.

Only those organising a specific events have access to booking forms, and hence to your personal and sensitive information. Booking forms are not kept beyond the life of any particular event, however your contact details (email address) is retained within the email system, access to which is limited to the TBA team. You can ask that your contact details are deleted at any time by emailing us at

Your personal information will be treated in accordance with applicable data protection law. TransBareAll does not, and will not, share any personal information – including contact details such as email addresses – with any outside organisation of any kind. Our website and email are stored on secure servers covered by European GDPR legislations. We are subject to the law, and have to comply. So if relevant authorities, with proper authorisation such as a court order, ask us to hand over any personal information we may hold, we would have to do so.

You remain in control of your personal information, and under the new legislation you have the right to: withdraw consent to TransBareAll holding any of your personal information at any time; ask us to tell you what personal information about you that we hold; ask for a copy of that personal information; ask us to correct any inaccurate information. If you would like further information about any of your rights or wish to exercise them, please send us an email at

If you are not happy with how we have used/held/respected your personal and sensitive information and if you are still not happy after contacting us and asking us to change/delete any personal information, or you believe that your data protection or privacy rights have been infringed, you can complain to the UK Information Commissioner's Office, which oversees data protection compliance in the UK. TransBareAll! may update this privacy policy and if we do, we will let you know by putting a notice on our website. If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please send us an email to

TransBareAll privacy policy: May 2018.